training packages


Your journey begins with an initial musculoskeletal assessment and a movement analysis assessment determining any limitations or imbalances you may have. We will then develop a corrective exercise program as well as a strength and conditioning program based on your goals and needs! 

25 sessions  @ $75 ea.

50 sessions  @ $70 ea.

100 sessions @ $65 ea.

Boot Camps

We offer boot camps for those animals out there that just want to get your butt kicked! ALL of our programs are built around the belief that the body is a single unit and is designed to function as such. 

Mon, Wed & Fri - 7am (6 weeks) $270

Tues & Thurs - 730pm (6 weeks) $180

Drop-Ins $20

Customized Nutrition Plan

We offer customized nutrition plans based on the philosophies of Precision Nutrition. We design our programs through a holistic approach focused on whole foods and optimal health! You can purchase a nutrition plan alone for $199 or you can sign up for any of our 1 on 1 training packages and get it for FREE!!